Bowlus Road Chief unveils its most powerful off-grid travel trailer

Luxury travel trailer maker Bowlus Road Chief has added another edition to its line of top RV models. Bowlus’ Endless Highways Performance Edition is designed for ultimate comfort and maximum performance and it is brand’s most powerful off-grid camper till date.

Owing to its aerodynamic shell, lightweight, and low center of gravity, the Performance Edition has the same unparalleled control in both road and trail performance. The patented shape functions amicably with safe road handling features and can be towed with a variety of vehicles. The Endless Highway Performance Edition starts at $225,000.

Endless Highways Performance Edition

Prioritizing performance, technology and luxury as the key components of the adventure-ready products, the Endless Highways Performance Edition features a range of upgrades from the basic model. The trailer’s aluminum hull design is inspired by the tapered bow and stern of a yacht.

The upgraded version of the trailer includes large skylights, heated floors, spacious storage and a hotel-style bathroom that has teak and stainless-steel finishes with a shower extending outdoors.

The huge skylights bring plenty of natural light inside the main cabin that is perfect for stargazing. The camper has room for four people to sleep and dine. There is an outdoor cooking station with both 110-V outlet and propane hookup, allowing to combine electrical and LPG cooking equipment like a portable grill, induction cooktop, and blender into a high-powered outdoor kitchen.

Off-grid living

According to the makers, the trailer’s uniqueness lies in its ability to stay off-grid for a prolonged period of time by using an electrical system, which allows it to last an entire road trip from Los Angeles to Miami on a single charge.

The 26-feet long trailer is packed a personal Wi-Fi modem, heating, and air-conditioning systems, charging stations, and a lithium iron phosphate battery. The electrical power system is designed to enable off-grid adventure. The pure sine inverter is upgraded to 3,000W. The battery’s capacity is increased to 600 Ah/7680Wh for up to two weeks of off-grid battery usage.