Actors who loathe roles that propelled them to the pinnacle of popularity

There are multiple reasons for an actor to sign up for a film. Some can’t refuse the cash, while others are too intrigued by the screenplay. Others may just want to work with their favorite directors. Whatever might be the reason, the success and failure of the film not only depends on the script and the direction but also on the individual performances of an actor to a very large extent.

But at the end of the day, even actors are common humans who are bound by a contract for the job they are paid to do. Just like us, some may cherish the work they do, others loathe it from the bottom of their heart. Here is a list of five actors who despite gaining mad attention and reaching the pinnacle of popularity, despise the famous roles they’ve played.

Sean Connery as James Bond

“My name is Bond, James Bond’! These six words will go down in history as the most mimicked words from Hollywood. Although, Daniel Craig is the most popular face amid the new generation to play the cult character; Sean Connery was the earliest to have signed the deal. Driving expensive cars, drinking Martini, making out with gorgeous women, and even blowing off a building in the most subtle fashion; the character and the actor did it all. In case of Sean, the Scottish actor really didn’t seem to like the role he portrayed multiple times. As reported by the Express and The Guardian, the late actor said some explicitly harsh words for the character and the studio. So much so, that he even had feuds with producers and even sued them for over $200 million post his exit from the franchise.

Halle Berry as Catwoman

Halle Berry played the lead in the 2004 flop and took home $14 million for the role. She was advised that it may turn out to be a disaster, but it’s tough for an actor to turndown such a whopping amount that too under the Warner banner. The result was anticipated and Catwomen bombed miserably on the box office and was equally bashed by critics. Even the actor was not very much impressed the way film came out despite her top role not being that bad. The actor initially took it in a sporting manner and even went on to accept the Razzie award (parody award show for worst cinematic under-achievements) but later confessed at Jimmy Kimmel live (a talk show) how she had to carry the burdon of a flop for years and how it took a toll on her career.

George Clooney as Batman

It is a real challenge to play the role of Batman to perfection, one slight mishap in your body language and the viewers would whack you like Bane whacked Batman in Dark Night Rises before sending him to the dungeons. But Tom Hardy as Bane is not the first person to get his hands on the gothic character, George Clooney in one and his only performance as Batman in 1997 release Batman & Robin has despised his role as the superhero. Clooney even told GQ in an interview that, “Batman & Robin was a terrible film.’ Well, the man surely doesn’t love every role he stars in, but he was seen apologizing for the role and the film for years.

Jamie Dornan as Christian Gray

50 Shades of Grey was a film that may not have broken the box office records but it was the most talked flicks on the internet since its trailer was aired. Attracting a lot of teenagers and even adults, the film was about an erotic relationship between two people but turned out to be a soft-porn film for its bold BDSM content. Jamie Dornan who played Christian Grey in the film doesn’t have much positive to speak about his role. The film made Dornan a massive star but the actor loathed both his performance and the role. While taking to GQ, the actor revealed how he had to take the wrath of women right activists and also admitted about the character that, “he is not the sort of bloke I’d get along with.”

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

Twilight was a movie that made Robert Pattinson a midnight star. The actor was renowned for other performances as well but this particular movie hit the crowd (youngsters to be precise) differently. However, the actor didn’t have much to appreciate about the role. Pattinson was seen roasting the Twilight franchise on multiple occasion and even went on to make a comment about his character where he compared it to an axe murdered in an interview with OK magazine(as reported by MTV News). The Englishman even told took a jibe on his own movie at Jimmy Fallon show, where the host said, “the ending was bittersweet” Pattinson didn’t agree rather notoriously replied, “for them.”