Best board games for fun-filled night with family

In a world where people are profoundly busy staring at their electronic devices, it is refreshing to enjoy a good old-fashioned board game once in a while. There is no deficit of options when it comes to the best board games; you have board games for kids, families and adults that are fun for everyone included.

Some are perfect for solo players while others are meant for two and more players. They are designed to test your creative and strategic skills while having a lot of fun. Regardless of your game preferences, here are the best board games for a fun-filled night.


You and your fellow players are settlers on the resource-rich island of Catan and are working to establish settlements and cities. It is made up of 19 different hexagonal tiles, each allowing a different layout each time. As different parts of the island offer different resources, you can barter and trade with your opponents to get ahead in the game. It is a game of strategy that is ideal for both adults and older kids.


Being a murder mystery game, Clue turns everyone into a detective. The game offers a scenario – there has been a murder in the Boddy Mansion and you need to find who the culprit is. There are six suspects and you are one of them. As you move your game pieces through the rooms and secret passages of the mansion, you will find clues to solve the murder mystery. You will win the game when you can put all the pieces of this mystery together.


Known for its immense strategic depth and the beautiful steampunk-meets-pastoral-idyll world-building aesthetic, Scythe has players representing one of the five factions in post-World War I Eastern Europe, trying to achieve fortunes and claim land. It is an engine-building game and you need to set up systems that will continuously reap resources as the game moves ahead.


An all-time favorite among people for game night, the first official Monopoly game came out in 1935. This game needs risk and luck, as players purchase and trade properties and try to not end up in the jail. With sufficient funds, players are allowed to purchase available properties. During the game, you can make income by charging the other players’ rent if they land on any of the spaces owned by you.


A Medieval-themed deck-building game, Dominion contains 500 cards, where players compete to obtain the most valuable cards. There are no other game pieces except for the cards and most cards indicate how they can be used, making it quite quick and easy to learn. Each player begins with the same 10 cards and then works to build his or her own deck. There are victory cards that score you the points that you need to win the game. It is approachable for older kids and adults alike.