Best rom-com movies to stream on Netflix right now

Laughter and romance have gone hand-in-hand for years, and while there are so many new cinematic genres to explore, the classic romantic comedy is still going strong. A romantic comedy can be a delightful watch if done right. The perfect cross-section of movie genres has dazzling romances, hilarious moments, and happy endings to offer.

Netflix has plenty of rom-com movies to warm the cockles of your heart whether it’s a stay in the day or a movie date night. With that in mind, we have listed the best romantic comedies streaming on Netflix to uplift your spirits and restore your faith in love.

The Half Of It

This beautiful coming-of-age comedy is about a shy, intelligent Chinese-American student Ellie Chu makes some extra cash by writing her classmates’ papers for them. Ellie is approached by the school jock whom she helps by writing his love letters to woo a girl, of course, for a fee. It was simple business until Ellie befriends the jock and falls for his crush. It creates a brilliantly complicated love triangle. The young adult rom-com explores the complexities, realities, and inspirations one can find in love.

Someone Great

Gina Rodriguez is simply brilliant. Her 2019 Netflix romantic comedy Someone Great follows Gina’s character Jenny, a music journalist, as she is dumped by her long-term boyfriend. She then recruits her two best friends, Erin (DeWanda Wise) and Blair (Brittany Snow), for one outrageous adventure in New York City before she has to move to San Francisco. The emotional and touching aspects in the movie are truly beautiful. It is an off-beat, yet memorable movie that is a joy to watch.

Always Be My Maybe

A basic story of childhood sweethearts falling out of love, disconnecting and reconnecting after years, Always Be My Maybe follows successful celebrity chef Sasha who runs into her childhood love Marcus in San Francisco after 15 years. Now living in different worlds, both reignite a friendship and the possibility of a romantic relationship. It is a charming and delightful watch. Co-written by and starring Randall Park and Ali Wong, the movie is well-paced and a cameo by Keanu Reeves is simply marvelous.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

No list of rom-com movies is complete without the queen Julia Roberts herself. My Best Friend’s Wedding is counted as one of her most successful 90s movies. The movie follows a single 28-year-old Julianne, who is shocked upon learning that her best friend Michael is getting married. Overcome with a deluge of mixed feelings, she decides to sabotage the wedding when she realizes that she is in love with Michael. Starring Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney, and Rupert Everett, the movie has beautifully balanced romantic and funny bits.

Murder Mystery

The life-long friends Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler team up for a murder mystery that certainly falls in the genre of romantic comedies. Titled Murder Mystery, the movie follows a New York cop and his wife who decide to take a long-awaited trip to Europe. They meet a handsome stranger on the plane, who invites the pair to an intimate family gathering on a yacht, which involves them in a series of murders. The duo follows the trail and uncovers the murderer with romance and hilarity in the air.