Lip-smacking pies we tried on Pi Day

Whether you are a math lover or a foodie, Pi Day has something to offer to all. Honoring the mathematical constant Pi (π or 3.14), Pi Day is celebrated each year on March 14, by baking a variety of pies. You might be wondering about the connection between the mathematical constant and the favorite food. Well, the first Pi Day celebration included a pie feast and ever since it became a tradition.

Ranging from sweet, sour and savory flavors, pies are a beloved food item and are ever-evolving. From the creamy goodness of white potato pie to the tangy orange pie, we tried a bunch of scrumptious pie recipes this Pi Day. These recipes are simply brilliant; if you don’t believe us, try them out yourself.

Sour Orange Pie

While key lime pie has a huge fan base in Florida, not many people know about another popular Floridian dessert. The citrusy sour orange pie was once a rage in the Sunshine State. This recipe is creamy, tart and simply mouthwatering. It uses the sour orange that grows wildly across Florida. Including, the tart juice of oranges, sweetened condensed milk, eggs and a simply graham cracker crust, it makes an amazingly refreshing treat for hot days.

Shaker Lemon Pie

Shaker Lemon Pie is a sweet, sour and bitter treat. Requiring precision and patience, this pie originated in the Midwestern United States. The pie uses every part of the lemons, including the rinds. Lemon slices and sugar are macerated overnight at room temperature, which softens the rinds and gives it more tangy flavor. The Shaker is made with the basic pie recipe – make the crust, combine lemon-sugar mixture with eggs, salt and flour for the filling. Don’t forget the maceration, though.

White Potato Pie

White potato pie is a unique take on the simple potato with a healthy helping of sweetness and a flavorful citrus zest. Sweet potato pie is a favorite dessert, but only a few bake its pale, creamy counterpart. This vintage treat is still a fan-favorite in Maryland. The filling is made with mashed potatoes, eggs, butter, condensed milk and a hint of nutmeg, with lemon juice giving it a citrusy twist.

Lemon-Buttermilk Chess Pie

What more would you need on a hot summer day than a tangy, reinvigorating lemon-buttermilk chess pie? Originated in Southern America, this pie is a fan-favorite and consists a creamy filling with a hint of lemon and vanilla. Simply combine an eggy custard with a citrusy flavor from buttermilk and lemon zest. Prepare the crust however you want and enjoy. 

Marlborough Pie

Originated in 19th century New England, Marlborough pie is made with apple custard filling, citrus, nutmeg and sherry. It was invented as a tasty method to use up apples that no one would normally eat. The original recipe used equal parts of eggs, apple and dry sherry, but there have been many twists and iterations of it over the past centuries. The sweet and spiced dessert is perfect for Pi Day.