Best standing desks in 2021: Straighten the back and posture!

The best standing desks might seem a bit expensive, but they are a smart investment to protect your spine and improve your core strength, especially if you spend several hours of your day hunkered over a computer. A standing desk can help you enhance your productivity, correct your poor desk posture and mitigate chronic body pain that comes after sitting during the day.

There is a wide range of standing desks on the market to choose from, with sophisticated looks and attractive features. Here are the best standing desks of 2021 that are affordable and convenient for a better lifestyle.

Uplift V2 Standing Desk

With top-notch build quality, Uplift V2 is one of the best standing desks that offers a stable working space. It has dual motors to change heights quickly with a smooth and quiet function, along with an anti-collision tech. The desk features many mounting points for accessories, with some attractive extras to hook up some things such as an under-desk hammock. It is available in several desktop sizes, colors and designs.

ApexDesk Elite

If you need a lot of desk space for all your stuff, ApexDesk Elite is the best option. Featuring European design and engineering, this high-quality desk allows you to transition from a sitting to a standing position within seconds with the touch of a button. Available in two sizes with a 60-inch and 71-inch version, Elite features a dual-motor lifting system with a smooth lifting mechanism and a controller to set four preset heights.

Airlift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk

Seville Classic’s adjustable desk features a smooth transformation from a spacious sitting desk to standing height with a touchscreen control with 3 different programmable settings. It has a sleek rounded design with a modern glass desk top. Its two-section legs allow the desk to incline as low as 29 inches and rise up to 47 inches high. It has two USB-A ports to charge your devices.

FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desk

An affordable option, Flexispot EC1 Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk is equipped with three different height presets, this desk can hold up weight up to 154 pounds. It is spacious enough to set up for two monitors and a laptop. The motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments within seconds. Featuring an industrial-grade steel frame, the standing desk allows a sturdy workspace and healthy posture.

Vari Electric Standing Desk 48

This full-sized standalone desk is easy to assemble and offers easy cable management for the cords of your monitor and chargers for your devices. It has study steel T-style legs and a durable laminate finish, giving it a sleek look. Featuring whisper-quiet dual motors and 3-stage legs provide quite the range in height adjustability. It has four height settings that can be achieved through the control panel with just one touch.

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