Top fountain pens worthy of a gentleman’s desk

A man of impeccable taste needs the right tools for every task. We may have moved on to almost everything digital, a stylish pen is still something you need to show off your professionalism and to write smoothly whenever required. A fountain pen embodies those qualities in an attractive design and becomes a worthy inclusion to every gentleman’s desk.

The whole fountain pen experience is rewarding, from buying one to writing with it. While Parker is one of the go-to firms when it comes to these pens, there are various brands offering tastefully crafted fountain pens. Here are our best picks for you to choose from. Have fun writing!

Parker Sonnet Ciselé Fountain Pen

This sophisticated Parker Sonnet fountain pen is composed of 17 pieces and features a chiseled sterling silver cap and barrel with a gold-finished clip and trim. It has an 18-karat solid gold nib and claims flawless quality that offers high precision and excellent writing experience. This beautiful item of luxury is available in a variety of designs, including the lasting Ciselé pattern. Encased in a Parker premium gift box, this fountain pen has a refined style suitable for every writing occasion.

Faber-Castell Ambition Pear Wood Fountain Pen

Black, gold and silver are the preferred colors when it comes to choosing a fountain pen. But if you have grown tired of this color palette, try this wood-cased pen to shake things up. Featuring a mirror-finish cap, nib and collar, this pen brandishes smooth reddish-brown pear wood with natural grain. It has clean lines and makes an excellent impression with its slim writing. It comes equipped with a cartridge or converter system and a white gift box with a printed slipcase.

Montegrappa Age of Discovery Fountain Pen

With this beautiful pen, Montegrappa celebrates the age of discovery and one of history’s greatest explorers – Ferdinand Magellan. With a classic twist, the pen is made of antiqued brass and mahogany and features a custom 18k gold nib. There is a miniature working compass hidden within the cap, marking the first wayfinding instrument on a Montegrappa writing tool. Its power-push feature makes drawing ink sharper than ever.  

Yard-O-Led Victorian Grand Fountain Pen

It is the ultimate writing instrument for someone who loves to write with pen and paper. The Victorian Grand has a perfect balance of style and functionality. With an impeccable hand-hammered design, this pen will become an investment piece and a family heirloom. Its imposing design gives a sense of authority. Interestingly, its Victorian pattern has been acquired with over 3,000 hand-chasing taps, making each pen unique.  

Montblanc Fountain Pen Victor Hugo Writers Edition

Montblanc’s Writers Edition Homage to Victor Hugo Limited Edition Fountain Pen is made of black precious resin with platinum-coated fittings and is dedicated to French literary figures. The pen features many intricate details inspired by Victor Hugo’s work and Notre Dame. The cap of the pen is decorated with gothic arches in relief while the end of the clip is shaped like the clapper of a bell. Moreover, it has the writer’s signature engraved on the cap, making it a collectible piece for a man of immaculate style.