NOS Everloop is the greenest toothbrush with replaceable bamboo bristles

A toothbrush we use is made from nylon material which is non-biodegradable. Since, most of us replace our toothbrush every 4-6 months or so, it is not so good for the planet. Considering that there are around 7 billion people on Earth, the number of trashed toothbrushes reaches a colossal 20-30 billion every year!

So, is there a way to considerably reduce this number while making sure the bristles are as good as new every time you feel the need to change the toothbrush? Apparently, yes – a new innovative toothbrush by NOS makes it possible.   

Toothbrush with replaceable bristles

Keeping in mind the already dismal state of global non-recyclable waste, NOS has come up with the Everloop Toothbrush. The brush handle is made from recycled toothbrushes and the head has an exciting clipable mechanism to change bristles easily.

In fact, the bristles are made from bamboo material which can be disposed of without impacting the planet’s environment. The packaging is also made from thermoformed paper pulp which makes this toothbrush an eco-conscious product having least possible hazardous impact.

Smooth clip-on mechanism

Replacing the bristles in Everloop toothbrush is as easy as it can get. Simply push up the clip-able section of the toothbrush head and replace the old bamboo bristles with the new one.

The bamboo bristles are compostable; it can be disposed of in no time sans any hassle. NOS Everloop is not a buyable product yet, but is expected to make it to the markets soon. Would you invest your money in this cool idea or still use the conventional toothbrush?