Five reality dating shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu

Reality dating shows are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are definitely entertaining for many. These shows have become even more popular during the coronavirus pandemic as OTT services see a surge in activity. People meet a different sort of satisfaction with reality TV dating scenario, which has allowed shows like “The Bachelor” to be on TV for such a long time.

The other reason for the popularity of the reality TV genre is that streaming platforms have grown in on the dating show business, dropping seasons after seasons for various shows. To the accord, here are the five best dating shows airing on Netflix and Hulu that you can indulge in for a controversial and fun-filled entertainment.

Love is Blind – Netflix

Netflix’s “Love is Blind” is a fun dating show which embodies its eponymous phrase. The show circles around 30 single people, who are brought to a set where they spend a week and a half going on blind speed dates in pods separated by a glass wall. After ten days, the participants must either get engaged to someone – without ever seeing each other – or leave the show. Once engaged, the couple get to meet each other, go on their honeymoons and begin the three week countdown to their weddings. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the drama, the anticipation and get to know whether they’ll actually tie the knot.

Dating Around – Netflix

Streaming on Netflix, “Dating Around” is a friendly dating show. Each episode features a contestant going on five standard blind dates that are filled with flirty banter, awkward exchanges and sometimes true connections. After all five dates, the dater is tasked with picking one match to go on a second date with. This show takes an honest and captivating look at the real world of dating the potential matches. This show is elegant, genuine and relatable, as many fans argue that the show showcases real people looking out for suitable mates.

Sexy Beasts – Netflix

With an interesting outlook on the whole courting conduct, “Sexy Beasts” is not a typical reality dating show. This six-episode series features contestants in animal prosthetics in order to explore the blind date concept in depth. Each episode stars different singles seeking true love and they have to select their preferred match once their dates are over, only then they get to see each other’s real faces. The point behind this experiment is to make matches on grounds of personality rather than looks.

Married at First Sight – Hulu

This show is a bit unorthodox, as it skips the dating procedure altogether and sends strangers matched by experts, right down the aisle. “Married at First Sight” then documents their journey into the marital life, including honeymoons and other wedded events. After several weeks into the relationship, each couple must decide whether to stay together or part ways. Although the ratings of the show are not that impressive, its entertainment quotient is pretty good. Six seasons of the show are streaming on Hulu right now.

90 Day Fiancé – Hulu

“90 Day Fiancé” follows new couples – one of whom is a US citizen, the other is not – for the 90-day engagement period allowed on K-1 visa. Through this special arrangement, the show is surprisingly educational about the complex visa distinctions of the country. However, if the couple don’t get married before their 90 days are up, the resident from another country will have to return home. This also gives an opportunity to overcome cultural and language barriers. The show is quite entertaining as viewers wait for the outcome of the 90-day engagements.