Mogo Feeding Kit for pets adds a touch of luxe to your home

After spending a fortune on renovating my apartment to make it modern and a connected home, I was quite disappointed with the quality and options for pet accessories to match my interiors. The gear available at the local pet store was abysmal. I’m not talking about gilded bowls or silver dishes, but the basic vibe of “form and function” was completely missing.

From what I saw after scouting a few local stores, most pet accessory makers focus only on the functional aspect and don’t marry in aesthetics when it comes to bowls, scoops or even cleaning sponges. Just because it’s meant for an animal, it doesn’t mean it can’t look appeasing to the eye. It doesn’t hurt to have well designed products for our pets and I’m not talking about fancy clothes or shoes!

Boo Oh to the Rescue

When industrial designer Jay Sae Jung Oh brought home her French bulldog called Boo, the designer in her was unable to settle for the offerings in the market. Tuning into her design sensibilities, Boo Oh was founded, with the hope of reflecting her style in many homes.  

The driving force behind Boo Oh is the creation of beautiful and practical items that can look beautiful in any modern home and yet be functional for your pet. In Jay’s own words, she wants the products to be “chic, beautiful and practical.” Working with some of the best in the field, Boo Oh made a debut with the best Italian leathers with cutting-edge processed metal. The product line was entirely by hand in Jay’s hometown of Seoul.

MOGO Feeding Kit – the intersection of art and design

Amongst the array of products available at Boo Oh, I particularly liked the MOGO Feeding Kit. It comes with all the basics with the edge of design. It essentially includes two bowls, a scooper, a spatula, a tray. You can pick from light gray or dark gray, and both tick the ‘chic’ mark that Jay promises.

The kit also includes two MOGO cleaning sponges – one for you and one for your pet. Thankfully you won’t mix them up as the graphics in the on the sponge tops tell you clearly which sponge is meant for the pet bowls and hoomans!

Boo Oh also retails dog gear like collars, leashes and poop bag holders, however the modern MOGO collection focuses on 100% pet-safe mealtime gear. The set is 100% food safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, heat-resistant, BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free. The set is also and dishwasher and microwave safe. Buy it here for $149.