Porsche plans to offer a broader range of customization options for buyers

One of the hallmarks of many high-end automotive manufacturers is the ability for buyers to completely customize their car directly from the factory. Porsche has announced that it believes meeting personal customer wishes is an important part of its offering. It is pursuing this goal with business divisions called Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, Porsche Tequipment, and Porsche Classic.

The automaker says that it will respond to the wishes and needs of customers to a greater extent with a new and significantly expanded range of products and services. The new services will include various options for the individualization of Porsche sports cars with the ability to turn them into unique one-off vehicles.

Porsche is also extending personalization options for individual components directly in the Car Configurator and is supplementing offerings for new, used, and classic vehicles with a factory-installed performance parts range. Porsche is offering a new interpretation of its legendary Sonderwunsche program from the late 70s, making it possible to design individualized one-of-a-kind cars in the future co-created by customers with a professional realization by Porsche.

Individualization options for new vehicles currently include personal customer consulting during the configuration process through to realizing a limited small series production. Porsche also offers numerous accessory products and retrofit options for customer vehicles. Porsche is also focusing on spare parts supply and factory restorations for classic vehicles.

Among the many new options in the Porsche Car Configurator is the ability for customers to have their own signature embossed on elements inside the vehicle.  Buyers can also choose personalized wraps and decals on certain areas of the body and individual paint finishes on wheels, among other options. There’s no indication of how much these personalization services might cost, but they are sure to add significantly to the MSRP.