Razer Project Hazel concept is a smart mask to fight COVID-19

Razer has unveiled a new design concept at CES 2021 that is a fancy mask aimed directly at gamers. The concept is an N95 medical-grade respirator offering detachable and rechargeable active ventilators and Smart Pods to regulate airflow for breathability. It has a high bacterial filtration efficiency Smart Pods filter that removes 95 percent of airborne particles and has a high fluid resistance.

While being highly effective in filtration and breathable, the mask is also clear, allowing those around the wearer to see facial cues like smiles and laughs. The clear design is also important for those who are hard of hearing and need to read lips. Project Hazel also has interior lights inside the mask that automatically turn on in the dark, making the user’s face visible.

The mask also features VoiceAmp Technology utilizing a microphone and amplifier to enhance speech for clear communication. The mask uses an internal rechargeable battery that gets power from a dual-purpose wireless fast charging box. The box also has an interior UV light to disinfect the mask while charging.

The mask is waterproof and scratch-resistant and made from recyclable plastic. It’s lined with silicone for comfort and has active air cooling and regulation to bring in fresh air and vent CO2. For additional style, Razer Chroma RGB lighting zones offer 16.8 million colors and lighting effects. It’s unclear if the mask will reach production or how much it might cost. Users who wear glasses will be particularly interested in the design around the nose to prevent constant fogging. The design is a bit game-like. It would be nice to see one in a more subtle mainstream design.

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  • Ricardo DOPICO
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    Where can i buy one Razor lg Smart mask?

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