Samsung Ballie: The Adorable AI Human Companion

In the ever evolving world of robotics and AI technology, Samsung brings us Ballie, an enhanced robotic companion, designed to make our lives simpler. Resembling we weird but cute cross between BB-8 and a tennis ball, Ballie was introduced by President and CEO of Samsung Consumer Electronics, H. S. Kim during Samsung’s CES 2020 keynote.

Equipped with a camera for eyes and an intelligent adaptive AI software, Ballie was designed with the intention of creating a dependable and trustworthy human companion to enhance personal care. With the ability to communicate with smart home products, Ballie aims to make life simpler by not only helping out in daily chores, but is designed to anticipate the needs of its human companion and complete them ahead of time.

What is Ballie Capable of Doing?

What Samsung wants to achieve with Ballie

Although not much else is known about Ballie, we know for sure that it is definitely still in development and Samsung plans to launch Ballie and make it available for modern smart homes.

What Samsung aims for most to achieve with Ballie however is trust. The aim is to create an AI software that is completely safe and that can keep an individual’s personal information, personal. In a world full of increasing cyber security risks, Ballie definitely comes as a welcome change.