2021 Ford Mustang is now available in Grabber Yellow

One of the great things about the Ford Mustang lineup for 2021 is that there are cars for just about every price point. Basic entry-level models are affordable sports cars, while on the high-end, the 2021 GT500 packs massive power and new features for the model year. For 2021, every new Mustang has Ford Co-Pilot360 as standard.

That safety package includes blind-spot monitoring, Lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, automatic high beam headlights, and rain-sensing wipers. Those features were previously an option for the entry-level and GT package Mustangs. Ford is also rolling out some new colors for 2021.

One of the brightest new colors is called Grabber Yellow, which is seen in the image above. Other new color options include Antimatter Blue, Fighter Jet Gray, and Carbonized Gray. With four new colors, four previous colors are being retired, including Grabber Lime, Kona Blue, Dark Highland Green, and Magnetic.

GT500 fans will be excited to hear that another performance package is available for the Ford supercar for 2021 called the Carbon Fiber Handling Package. That package slots between the basic Handling Package and the extremely expensive Carbon Fiber Track Package. It adds the adjustable strut top mounts from the Handling Package along with an oil catch can, front canards, and a Gurney flap for the rear spoiler. 

The package also includes 20-inch black-painted carbon fiber wheels. The only way to get wheels with exposed carbon fiber is to opt for the Carbon Fiber Track Package. The biggest change for the 2021 Mustang line is that the Mach 1 is returning while the Bullitt has been retired.

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