5 essential travel items that are definitely worth the money

Sometimes spending a little extra money upfront can pay off down the road. Such is the case with these select essential travel gear items. People spend around $1200 USD per year on travel – which includes plane tickets, car rentals, metro and bus tickets, food and lodging.

A good suitcase

This is one of the best travel investments that you can make. Suitcases take a beating, especially after you’ve checked one it: have you ever looked outside the plane window as they’re loading the luggage onto the plane … the ground crew is slinging the bags with little regard for your personal affects. A hard-sided bag is worth the protection it offers your belongings inside. You should plan to spend at least $200 dollars in this department. Also try not to buy a black bag for better visibility and ease of recognition. Be sure to look at bag dimensions and think about whether you check your luggage or for bring onboard the most often. Tumi – Worldwide Trip 4 Wheeled Packing Case $750

A memory-foam pillow

This is a critical item to have with you while onboard flights that are longer in duration. If you’ve ever woken up from sleep with a crooked neck on the plane, you’ll understand this point well then. You can never predict when you’re going to be put in a faulty seat that doesn’t recline or one with a rock-hard headrest. Memory foam is forgiving. It’s not a big budget item, but a small detail that will improve your travel life in a serious way. Cabeau – Evolution S3 Memory Foam Travel Pillow $40

Travel insurance

In the past, I was guilty of passing this optional item up. But now I always opt for it. Travel insurance is a fraction of the price of a plane ticket and should cost anywhere from 4 to 10 percent of the purchase price of the trip. For example, if you’ve spent $1200 on an entire trip, a travel-insurance policy should cost between $48 and $120 USD extra; it’s a small price to cover things related to trip interruptions, delays, and lost luggage. They often cover things like medical emergencies too. Be sure to shop around for a good policy. Choose from policies like Travel Guard by AIG

A collapsible water bottle

Is it even necessary to suggest not buying plastic bottles anymore that you just throwaway. They’re just downright bad for the environment, plus the small bottles are expensive at airports. If you’ve ever gone through hubs like Philadelphia International Airport, you’ll see water dispensers now where you can fill up your water bottles pre and post flight. Things to look for in a good travel water bottle: collapsible, portable, leakproof and BPA free. Try the Hydaway 17-ounce bottle $25 or Platypus SoftBottle Water Bottle – 34 fl. oz. for $9

A backpack

5 travel items that are worth spending money for no matter what kind of travel you are seeking, from luxury to a hardcore serious outdoor adventurer, a good travel backpack is a must. This, along with a good piece of luggage, is going to be the most expensive thing. But here are some important features to consider when looking for the perfect bag: a compartment for your laptop, headphone pass-through feature, a side pocket for a water bottle, a durable and waterproof fabric. Check out the fun and cool Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack $190