Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom Oribe is opulence defined

Rolls-Royce has officially revealed a new bespoke luxury car called the Phantom Oribe. The vehicle’s exterior and interior were designed and handcrafted by specialists from Rolls-Royce and Hermes using materials, techniques, and know-how from both companies. The completely bespoke Rolls-Royce was commissioned by a Japanese entrepreneur, art collector, and supercar enthusiast named Yusaku Maezawa.

The vehicle features a fully bespoke two-tone exterior color treatment featuring MZ Oribe Green and cream. The exterior color scheme was inspired by colors in the owner’s collection of ancient Japanese ceramics. The owner of the vehicle envisioned it as a land jet to complement recently commissioned private aircraft.

The upper green color on the two-tone exterior is fully bespoke and was created exclusively for the client. Rolls-Royce also made the same paint color available for use on the buyer’s private jet. The interior is created in cooperation with Hermes to craft every individual component inside the vehicle.

Hermes leather is used around the upper instrument panel, interior pillars, and parcel shelf. Leather was also used on less visible surfaces, including inside the glove compartment and luggage compartment lining, the center console, decanter storage compartment, and champagne cooler. Hermes piping was also used on the headrest cushions, and calf supports for the rear seats.

Seashell White accents were used inside the vehicle, along with matching lambswool floor mats creating a sense of light and space inside the vehicle. Other touches include wooden speaker frets, and open-pore royal walnut was applied to the center and rear consoles as well as the picnic table backs. There’s no indication of how much the vehicle cost, but a completely customized Rolls-Royce would be extremely expensive.