Casio’s collaborative NISMO themed EDIFICE watch for motorsports fans 

A die-hard NISMO fan is in for a treat with Casio’s latest limited-edition EDIFICE timepiece that radiates a deep sense of speed and style. The Nissan Motorsports International division specializing in tuning and motorsports activities has given input for the design of the unique watch added in the high-performance metal Edifice line-up.

Understandably the chronograph is focused on precision and intelligence – akin to the NISMO’s sporty origins. Most of the racetrack technology and the design of the brand’s creations trickles down to Nissan’s road cars. So, understandably, the niche timepiece will attract motorsports fanatics who love the promise of the Casio brand.

EDIFICE NISMO Limited Edition EQS-930NIS

The stable solar-powered collaboration model captures the NISMO racing spirit in the form of an authentic carbon-fiber dial perfectly contrasted by the red accents on the inset dials, buttons, and bezel sides. Casio employs the shadow-dispersing solar cells which let the solar panels in the inset dials power the watch without compromising on new-age looks.

Motorsports influence can clearly be seen in the color graded 10 o’clock inset dial mimicking the heating up of titanium components in the racecars. This 10-bar water-resistant Casio watch has the NISMO logo embedded right on the bezel and the iconic Super GT championship can be seen on the 23-minute mark. These influences are also visible on the band loop and case back too.

Motorsports influence in the DNA

The battery level of the 55mm diameter EQS-930NIS chronograph is indicated at the 6 o’clock position in a very sportscar dashboard-like form. This keeps the wearer well informed of the time to recharge. The urethane band also bears the finest motorsports influence with a very rugged post-race tire tread look which we find to be very cool.

Casio’s limited-edition model is just the right timepiece for collectors who always back NISMO and Nissan on the road to motorsports glory. EDIFICE NISMO Limited Edition EQS-930NIS is on sale right away for a price tag of 36,900 yen (approximately $310).