Citroen My Ami Cargo is a tiny electric delivery vehicle

Citroen is a common automotive brand in Europe that we don’t see here in the States. The automaker has unveiled a new car aimed at professionals called the My Ami Cargo. The electric delivery vehicle is meant to combine the benefits of the Ami EV with a larger load volume making it practical for delivering small packages.

Citroen says My Ami Cargo has a load volume of over 400 liters and a payload of 140 kilograms thanks to optimized modular space in place of the passenger seat. The vehicle certainly has the capability of being used to deliver packages, but it’s also aimed at tradesmen, craftsmen, self-employed professionals, local authorities, and manufacturers. Since the vehicle runs on electricity, it produces no CO2 emissions.

Producing no CO2 emissions is important in some parts of Europe where regulated traffic areas exist. The vehicle has a battery pack that can charge completely in only three hours using a standard outlet. My Ami Cargo has a top speed of 45 km/h and features a 5.5 kWh battery using lithium-ion technology.

The vehicle can drive for 75 kilometers per charge, with Citroen saying that is perfectly suited for short trips in or near urban centers. The engine produces 6kW of power. The vehicle’s low power output and low top speed shouldn’t be detrimental considering it’s designed for city streets, not open highways.

My Ami Cargo is very compact and 2.41 meters long, 1.39 meters wide, and 1.52 meters high. It’s also very agile with a turning diameter of 7.20 meters, making maneuvering and parking in busy urban areas a breeze. There is no indication of pricing or when the My Ami Cargo will be available in Europe.