Cool Air Jordan 5 Low Chinese New Year sneakers launch January 23

Sneaker heads need to have their credit card ready on January 23. On that day, the Air Jordan 5 Low Chinese New Year shoes will launch. The shoes have a simple color scheme, mostly red and white, with a black tongue and the iconic Jordan logo on the tongue. The shoe will feature a wear-away canvas upper with a patterned layer underneath.

It’s a little hard to tell, but it seems that the wear-away layer erodes a pattern layer underneath becomes visible, but it’s rather unclear. That would seemingly mean the shoes are intended to be worn rather than set on a shelf looked at. A mesh screen on the inside of the shoe also has the word “action” written behind it.

Speculation suggests the pattern will look something like the print seen on the box for the shoes. The box can be seen in the images below. Another interesting feature of the shoe is an opaque sole with a flying Michael Jordan logo seen behind.

It’s expected that more details on the shoe and perhaps what the mysterious wear-away portion looks like will be announced closer to the shoe’s launch. January 23, 2021, is a Saturday, and the shoes will sell for $215 per pair.

The style code for those searching is DD2240-100. They will be available at multiple retailers in North America, including Foot Locker, Finish Line, and many others. The launch appears to be set for 10 AM on that Saturday morning. While the shoes look simple, they do have an interesting style and should be popular with collectors.