Flat Hat Toyota Cyber Supra looks like a stealth fighter

Glancing at the vehicle in the images below, it might be hard to tell that actually a Toyota Supra sports car. The customized vehicle comes from a company called Flat Hat 3D, and they call it the Cyber Supra. The vehicle is inspired by Karlmann King, and Flat Hat says the car is 100 percent bulletproof and has no fake vents anywhere on it.

The company offers very little in the way of details on the vehicle. What we can tell is the body is heavily customized, and the car rolls on all-terrain tires. To fit the tires underneath the car would require some sort of suspension lift making this a sports car for off-road.

There’s no indication that Flat Hat has actually built this car; it appears to be a design concept. It certainly looks very cool, and we would rather like to see it get built and in person. The car was revealed on Instagram.

It’s hard to tell from the shadows, but it almost appears to have dual rear tires in some images. Other images clearly show a single fat rear off-road tire. The company doesn’t mention anywhere in its design work that the concept vehicle would have more power.

Throwing big and beefy off-road wheels and tires and a suspension lift on any sports car would definitely impact its performance. Still, for anyone looking for something with a tough and sinister look that also has ballistic protection, this concept might be just the ticket. We like the looks and think the car would be a great SEMA or Tokyo Auto Salon ride.