Galaxy Pod Hostel has a comfy vibe and is really cozy

When it comes to pod-hotels, it’s hard to beat Japan, the country known for its single-person cuboids that are filled with regular hotel amenities. Not taking it away from Japan, but there are a few other locations, where the ‘pod culture’ is seeping in and making a place for itself.

I am talking about The Galaxy Pod Hostel, which is located in downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The city of Reykjavik has many attractions, and the one that’s catching everyone’s fancy is this pod hostel.

Location-wise this hostel is situated in a very apt area. Known for its diversity in Bars, restaurants and Nightclubs, Reykjavik houses many national bars like the Danish bar, American bar, Icelandic bar and English bars, and are in walking distance from the hostel. When you are done sightseeing, unwinding in one of these taverns, after a quick sprucing up at the hostel, is the best thing you can do.

Hipsters in the Galaxy Pod Hostel

Although it’s called a hostel, the Galaxy Pod Hostel is very unlike other hostels found in Iceland. The pods are designed with a futuristic theme and can sleep one to two people, depending upon which tier you have reserved.

The bunk beds are designed differently, and as you can see in the pictures above, they look like they are inspired the sets of a sci-fi movie. Perhaps, Star Wars? Although they require very little space, the pods are defined according to their capacity and function, and host a plethora of amenities.

What Room Are You?

The options available are 8-person dorm, 4-bed dorm, 6-person female dorm and 24-bed dorm. In each cluster, the individual pods are stacked one above each other, and you can book them as couples as well as a family.

The Queen-size pods features 4 queen-size pods and each bed in the pod, can sleep one or two persons. Couples can live in close quarters here. The room comes with a nice mountain view and each bed supports a locker for luggage and free use of the luggage storage room. Inside the pod is a TV connected to a media server and the pod can be locked from the inside and outside.

The eight-person dorm has 8 pods and a mountain view and also includes a fan for air circulation. The standard amenities across the board include a secure locker for small valuables, power plugs, a curtain for privacy, mirror, reading light, alarm and Card reader for power.

The ladies-only dorm is designed for women and has 6 pods in it. The 24-bed dorm is ideal for big groups and random strangers, huddling together. The common areas include a TV room and a fully-equipped kitchen for your use. The hostel serves breakfast for a fee, and has a convenience store nearby.

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