How to cope with a coffee addict

As a coffee addict myself, I can empathize with partners (family and friends), who have to deal with the enthusiasm of a coffee drinker, many of whom don’t know where to draw the line. The line is often blurred between addicts and connoisseurs. To give you an example, quite recently I lied to my neighbor about owning a coffee-bean grinder, because I wanted the dibs on a packet of Blue Tokia beans that she was giving away. I had no reason to lie, but the urge to smell a packet of amazingly aromatic coffee beans was too hard to resist.

While many theories on the benefits of coffee have been tested –  some even claiming to reduce the risk of death. A British study has found out that over a period of ten years, non-coffee drinkers are more likely to pass over than habitual coffee drinkers. What this means is that situations like the above are likely to make us more prone to lying – for the sake of more coffee.

Ask me no questions, I tell you no lies

Think about it, ask any coffee drinker, how many cups of coffee have they consumed since they came into office – and they answer is mostly two-or three cups lower than what they drank. I’m not saying that coffee addicts are liars, on the contrary, I think they are passionate and open about their addiction. We may bend the truth a bit, but it’s all in good faith and pretty harmless.

If you let your coffee lover indulge in their passion, you are actually helping them lower their risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, neurological diseases and in some cases even committing suicide.

A study by Harvard School of Public Health that followed the inputs from two-hundred thousand doctors and nurses over three decades, states that indulging in a cup of coffee a day, reduces the possibility of them kicking the bucket by 6% and it goes down to 15% for those who consume three to five cups a day.

Melt away the fat

I drink about six to seven cups, so maybe my chances increase by 20%? Wishful thinking! Let’s keep death aside, and talk about living healthy and burning fat. I have battled the bulge for many years now, and sometimes been successful at burning my fat. If you have been fighting to be fitter, then perhaps you should have an extra cuppa joe, or join your coffee addict.

A research done by the University of Nottingham in England suggests that the coffee is responsible for heating up the brown adipose tissue or BAT in our system, which in turn efficiently convert white adipose tissue or WAT into energy. It is unclear if it’s the caffeine or some other element of coffee that helps in the burning of fat, but the bottom line is that you can get fitter – quicker!

Agile, younger and happy

Coffee addicts are simple people, who get their fix with a nice cuppa brew. It will be easy for you to ignore the multiple cups lining up for cleaning, or the coffee mug stains on the work desk, when you learn that coffee can help counter the ageing process.  Researchers from Stanford university have validated their theory by observing a hundred coffee drinkers over several years.

Apparently you age because you go through an inflammatory mechanism that is associated with aging and thus the ill-heath that ensues due to this. However, this can be arrested thanks to the high caffeine content in coffee, which counteract the chemical reactions that bring about inflammation, over a period of time.

Come to think of it, the only thing inexcusable about a coffee addict is their coffee breath. To counter this, simply keep mints handy.