How to feel on top of the world – and stay there

We can’t expect to feel on top of the world all the time, although there are a lucky few who seem to skirt by all disaster and tragedy throughout a lifetime. But those people are very few and far between. The rest of us ride the wave of life, sometimes at the crest and other times down in the trough. But, there are steps that can help one’s feelings stay at the top, or at least or that incredible and happy-go-lucky feeling of having mastered it all.

When everything is going in a dandy way and you’re at the top of your game, you experience feelings of happiness, exhilaration, and pride, among other positivity bolstering emotions. Usually, this is experienced in tandem with having achieved a goal or overcome obstacles in your path. Perhaps, this is you, or it can even be experienced if you’ve helped someone else get there. Whatever the case, you’re motivated and surpass your own expectations in getting things done. But being on top of the world is a rather fragile and ephemeral state, since things can swiftly take you out of that zone – namely, grief, hardship, or loss.

Maintain good body and mental health

I’ll never forget my father’s mantra. He used to repeat it over and over again like a papa parrot “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” He was a smart man, because this is a fundamental truth. If you cannot take care of yourself, mentally or physically, don’t expect to help anybody else in turn. Being in good health will help you accomplish almost anything. Do not underestimate the benefit of having stamina, mental clarity and focus, a good attitude, and healthy body when it comes to feeling your best. Unrealized dreams and goals will only equate to frustration down the road. So don’t throw yourself off track should you suffer a setback: continue an exercise program, eat healthy, sleep, stay focused on work or a project. All of this will help pull you through any difficult times.

Be conscious enough to feel grateful

Take the time to reflect on your life and think about all the good things you are grateful for. Don’t let anyone take those feelings of gratefulness for the beauty and positivity in your life at any time. Develop those feelings and allow them to give you confidence in yourself despite anything that may be wrong at the time. And remember that the majority of us don’t make the right decision one hundred-percent of the time, but that’s okay, it’s par for the course of life. People often assume, incorrectly, that it’s only the big wins in life that count. But that’s not true, celebrating the small moments is equally as important. When you wake up, go over the things you are grateful and allow it to set a positive tone and mindset for the day. Staying optimistic keep you poised to see and accept the opportunities that come your way.

Helping others makes you feel good

You’ve lived life which means that you have experience. Why not share that experience with others and help them navigate the rapids of life in the process. If you prefer to join a charity or organization that you feel an attachment for, then don’t hesitate to do so – whether that be an animal shelter, or food kitchen, etc. You’ll find that guiding strangers or those you love with authenticity and sincerity will give you kickbacks of a higher, more mature self.

Be a member of the community

Feeling on top of the world usually doesn’t occur while being in a social vacuum. It helps to make yourself a part of the community. Volunteering in town will give allow you to feel something greater than yourself, leaving you less isolated and more connected. A strong social network, like a web of close friends or acquaintances, will make you a more resilient person in the face of change or tough times. It’s also an inadvertent form of networking which is like an emotional, professional, and social insurance policy down the road.

Find a legacy and be your own hero

Write down what it is that you’d like to be known and remembered for … type of person, a business, a project, a passion. Life is a learning process, and you’re allowed to fine-tune yourself along the way. Or make complete re-adjustments if necessary. Therefore, if you find yourself lacking a certain quality or characteristic you think you should have or need more of, then make an effort to incorporate this change into your life.

Often, I find that we consume our time wanting to be more like others. Focus on making yourself your own hero. Become exactly what you want to be. That will bring you and keep you feeling on top of the world nothing else.