Japanese brands offering exquisite incense made from natural ingredients

Japanese incense is world-known for its brilliant and distinctive aroma. The incense is perfect for sacred rituals or to create a serene atmosphere for yoga, meditation and self-introspection. The aroma of Japanese incense comes from the original and natural ingredients that have been employed in the craft for ages.

The craft is steeped in the country’s cultural heritage and utilizes all natural ingredients including scented wood powders, plants, spices and essential oils. Japanese incense is a rare amalgamation of artistry and natural components that transcend the senses. Here are three brands that offer exquisite aromas through their all-natural ingredient incense.

Nippon Kodo

The best-known Japanese incense brand, Nippon Kodo offer unique fragrances that come from closely monitored preparation skills and traditions that began over 400 years ago. The precious rare and exquisite aromas of Nippon Kodo are achieved with help of writings on the mixture of aromatic woods by Takai Juemon, an incense maker for emperor’s court in the late 16th century. Many of the pleasing and high-quality incense fragrances are based on the original formulas of Juemon. The brand offers numerous fragrances including Green Tea, Lavender, Cinnamon Patchouli, Jasmine, Rose, Amber, Cedar wood, etc.


Established in 1657, Baieido has been dedicated to making fragrant incense for over 300 years. Jinkoya Sakube is the ancestral forefather of this aromatic incense, whose methods and recipes have been passed from generation to generation orally in an unbroken streak of secrecy. Passionate about providing the truly sacred aromas of the purest and finest incense to the customers, Baieido employs the best natural materials and skilled artisans. The handmade incense is infused with various pleasant scents such as kyara, Indian sandalwood, Borneo camphor, cinnamon, and clove.


Considered one of the finest incense, Shoyeido was created by Rokubei Moritsune Hata in the 18th century. He had learned the craft as an employee of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace and wanted to introduce a new world of scent to the people. The Hata family continues to carry its legacy through its amazing array of fragrances. Shoyeido uses high-quality herbs, spices, resins and aromatic woods such as agarwood, to make the collection of relaxing aromas.