Lexus teams up with digital artists to create wild virtual car interiors

Lexus is well known for making luxurious automobiles and has announced that it has partnered with artists and designers for concept car virtual interiors for the new LF-Z electrified concept car. The LF-Z is an electrified battery-electric concept vehicle that Lexus says symbolizes its next chapter. The automaker worked with a trio of artists and designers to reimagine the concept car’s interior.

Salehe Bembury, a footwear designer, Ondrej Zunka, a digital artist, and Hender Scheme, the Japanese fashion label, all worked with Lexus for the virtual interior series. Bembury designed an interior using colors inspired by sandstone landscapes and other natural tones. It avoided traditional futuristic materials to use natural materials like cedar, cork, and granite inside the car.

One of the more interesting choices is a “hairy” suede used on the seatbacks, along with a fingerprint motif typically found in the designer’s work. Ondrej Zunka came up with a design that features space-age mechanisms, sci-fi materials, and “multidimensional hues” meant to “transcend” time. The designer says they wanted to make the interior feel like it wasn’t made by humans but made by a sophisticated artificial intelligence. 

The interior design has intelligent lighting across the panels and translucent silicone seat cushions with memory foam properties, and a panoramic ceiling made from brushed chrome. Hender Scheme designed an interior meant to reflect the Japanese heritage of the Lexus brand. The design uses an entirely leather interior juxtaposed with the technology of the vehicle.

The leather is untreated and will develop a patina over time, deepening in color and becoming unique to the vehicle. The concept is meant to reflect the passage of time and the driver’s relationship with the vehicle.