LG InstaView Range offers an Air Sous Vide setting for home chefs

2020 has been a year where many people have taken up cooking at home rather than eating out. The coronavirus pandemic has meant many people cannot go to the restaurants they may typically like to frequent. With that in mind, many people have been upgrading appliances and learning to cook at home. LG has a new InstaView range it will show off at CES 2021 that has a cool feature home chefs will appreciate.

The range features both an Air Sous Vide mode and Air Fry mode. The Air Sous Vide mode uses precise low temperatures and airflow control to cook vacuum-sealed foods to lock-in flavor and aroma. The settings can maintain any temperature between 100 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 48 hours without water.

InstaView technology turns on the interior light of the oven by tapping twice on the glass door. That means no searching for buttons when you want to see how things are going with dishes inside the oven. EasyClean allows users to maintain the cleanliness of the oven and cooktop without chemicals in 10 minutes using pure water.

LG also integrates its ProBake Convection technology for quick and thorough cooking with no need to preheat. The range can be controlled and monitored using the ThinQ app and can be connected to both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers. The app also has a number of recipes. When one is selected, the appropriate cooking mode and temperature is sent to the oven automatically.

Another interesting feature is Scan to Cook mode that allows frozen meals from Nestlé and Kraft Heinz to be cooked more quickly by setting the oven correctly with the scan of a barcode on the meals. The LG InstaView Range with Air Sous Vide will be shown off at the LG virtual booth during CES 2021, which kicks off on January 11.