London’s new infinity pool will offer spectacular 360-degree views

The only infinity pool that I’ve enjoyed at a rooftop hotel is the one at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It was an amazing experience, needless to say – to lounge in the pool and gaze down upon the cityscape. It’s something that I recommend anyone do. Hence, the news of a new infinity pool being planned in London caught my attention. It offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city – which is not only one-of-its-kind, but also high on innovation.

The new pool is planned to sit atop of a 200-meter building, and is being built by Compass Pools. The interesting bit of information here is that the designers planned the pool first. In a sense, one can almost say that the building is being retro-fitted into the pool’s plans!  

The pool will be located at the tip top of the 55-story structure with a capacity of 600,000 liters of warm swimming pool waters. And to ensure that the water in the pool looks crystal clear, the designers intend to use acrylic instead of glass. The reason behind this, is that acrylic transmits light at a similar wavelength to water, hence giving it a clear look.

You better be dressed appropriately for the pool, because the floor of the pool is also planned to be transparent. Which means all the visitors below will have a good look at the Speedo you choose to wear. The fun bit is how you access the pool. Apparently, a winding staircase will rotate up to a landing where swimmers will be able to step into the pool from there. Inspired by the doors of a submarine, it all sounds very spy movie-esque if you ask me!

If you are worried about the pool water splashing onto passersby below the hotel, worry-not! The pool will be equipped with a built-in anemometer that will monitor wind speed. This reading is hooked to a computer (connected with the building management system) and will regulate the temperature, also ensuring that no water gets blown out by the winds and onto the streets below.

A feather in the cap is the usage of renewable energy for the pool’s heating system. The waste energy from the air condition system for the building will power this function. Fitted with full spectrum of lights, the pool will look like a dazzling and kingly crown of the building. The location of the building has yet to be confirmed, but the construction is slated to begin sometime in 2020.