Maserati shares blurry images of the Grecale SUV prototype

It’s become common for exotic car manufacturers to launch SUVs. Many people around the world prefer SUVs, and sales for exotic versions have been strong globally. Porsche started the trend, but other exotic automakers, including Lamborghini, have jumped on the bandwagon. Maserati has teased with three images, which are all very blurry, showing a prototype Grecale SUV.

The prototype was photographed outside the Maserati plant on Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena. The images were first sent out by Maserati employees via social networks. The manufacturer says the prototype SUV is currently undergoing a period of intensive road, circuit, and off-road tests.

Testing is being completed in various conditions, and Maserati is acquiring data to prepare for the final setup of the SUV. Grecale will be constructed at Cassino in Italy, where the automaker has invested about €800 million to construct the new model. Grecale is expected to make its world premiere before the end of 2021.

Maserati has shared no firm details on the SUV with respect to engines used or performance. Maserati has a wide range of engines that could be potentially used for the SUV, including V6 and V8 gasoline engines, four-cylinder hybrid engines, and V6 diesel power plants. The automaker constructs vehicles with both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive.

The assumption would be that an SUV would offer four-wheel drive, but that is unclear. There are no details on pricing, but Maserati cars are quite expensive, and the Grecale will presumably follow that trend. The SUV in the photos shared appears to be quite rounded and certainly has the Maserati familial resemblance to other models in the line.