Oakley MSK3 facemask won’t fog your glasses

Anyone who wears glasses knows the downside to the mask mandate in place worldwide thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Those who wear eyeglasses know that each time they exhale, their glasses fog making it very difficult to read and see where you’re going. Oakley has a new mask called the MSK3 aimed directly at those who wear glasses.

It’s not just for those who need eyeglasses to see; it’s also for outdoorsy types who frequently wear sunglasses and are tired of fogging. MSK3 is designed to work seamlessly with eyewear and fits snugly on the face. It includes two options for filtration and breathability. One is a high-performance disposable filter with a 95 percent filtration efficiency for particles down to 0.3 microns.

An additional reusable filter is designed for filtering out air pollutants and dust particles. Replacement high-performance filters and reusable filters are available for purchase. To prevent fogging, the mask has a medical-grade silicon gasket around the nose area that also provides comfort. The nose bridge has an aluminum bar inside, allowing it to be adjusted for a custom fit.

The mask body is semirigid to add space and keep the filter off the face for better breathability. The straps are adjustable and made from elastic to allow for a customized fit. Oakley also uses a perimeter gasket made of silicone to help the mask seal.

Oakley says the mass can be hand washed and dripped dry in the shade. It’s made up 43 percent polyester, 43 percent melt-blown, and 14 percent silicon. The only downside is that the mask is pricey at $60 directly from Oakley. That’s likely a small price to pay for those who have been fighting their current mask because of fogging of their eyeglasses.