Atmosphére Collar and Chaise Lounge uses AI Power to keep your skin clean

Advancements in technology are not unheard of. In fact, they occur every single day. Artificial Intelligence, however, is something that grasps the attention of all. I blame Marvel. Tony Stark really did make it look cool and hey, if its good enough for the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, it has to be good enough for us all, right?

Seymourpowell, the Industrial design and innovation agency has come up with a new concept, using AI in wearables that has the ability to shield the wearers from the toxic environment that surrounds us urbanites.

Collar Power and Lounging

The Atmosphére consists of a wearable collar and a chaise longue, and together they help turn beauty products into fine particles or droplets, that are then projected in the form of vapor, on folks using it.

In lay terms you can say that they encapsulate wearer in a “beauty bubble”, which at the same time protects the skin from toxic elements. Taking insights from evolved cleansing regimes, where people are focusing on cleaning their skin and body and also their minds, Seymourpowel has designed this concept, to cater to this need.

Intelligent Cleaning

Given that most environmentalist predict water scarcity in the future, the design factors this aspect and offers an alternative solution that is tech-powered and leaves the user feeling very refreshed.

The way it works is this: The device collects the info like location and syncs it with the personal data like the skin type and bodily needs. There are sensors embedded into the device that analyse the data and then diffuse out the filtered air according to the person in the room.

Details like temperature and humidity are also adjusted according to the person wearing the collar. Atomized cosmetic ingredients, like sun-protection products are also diffused into the air, as per the person around.

The Atmosphère Chaise Longue

The Atmosphère Chaise Longue is a smart-furniture that functions just like the collar. It regulates the temperature and air quality and optimizes it according to the user’s health. The lounge is operated by an app that can easily adjust the atmosphere around you and is much more efficient than using simply the collar.

Personally, the idea of wearing a collar and being AI dependent for cleaning my face, is a bit too much. However, on the flipside, this is the exact same thing that Sheldon Cooper will enjoy. Bet he’s already figured his spot on the lounger.