OAMC Adidas Type O-9 available in three versions

We value any collab no matter how big or small the partners are. Those from Nike and Adidas always come out as favorites and become bestsellers but other brands are quickly becoming top contenders. We like those from Vans, New Balance, and Reebok as runners-up.

The latest from Adidas is a collaboration with OAMC. It’s a relatively new brand designed in Italy. Under the creative direction of Canadian designer Luke Meier, the brand has successfully partnered with adidas. 

OAMC and Adidas Team-up 

OAMC Adidas Type O-9 Launch

The newest work has resulted to a rework of some of the more popular models from Adidas Originals. The results are new silhouettes that are uniquely OAMC and Adidas. 

The latest model is the OAMC Adidas Type O-9. It was mainly inspired by the  Microbounce technology of Adidas first introduced in the early 2000s. 

The pair is introduced in three colorways: Asphalt, Natural White, and Earth. Naturally, those are earth colors that perfectly complement the rough and rugged design. 

OAMC Adidas Type O-9 Design

OAMC Adidas Type O-9 Design

Each pair features a premium upper made of classic polyester mesh and  crosta suede. Thick embroidery runs around from the heel to toe. Notice the  TPU toe caps and heel clips that offer a really rugged look. 

The Microbounce cushioning has been applied on the midsoles. The outsoles are rubber, making the pair just ideal for running. 

The OAMC x Adidas Type O-9 collection will be available this coming June 10. The  OAMC Adidas Type O-9 Asphalt will be offered exclusively by OAMC. The two models, the OAMC Adidas Type O-9 Natural White and OAMC Adidas Type O-9 Earth will be available at different retail stores online and offline.