The Present — Day Moon Year wall clocks tell time with changing Moon phases

Timepieces without numeric, hour, minutes, and seconds hands is not a new concept. We have seen many such clocks including REMI VAN OERS Time 2.1. But the interesting thing with The Present – Day Moon Year clocks is that these timepieces do not tell the time in hours and minutes. Instead, they show time graphically with changing Moon every day, month, and year.

Ditching the universally accepted way of telling time, these wall clocks are a piece of art. More than telling time, the timepieces show how the celestial body transitions through the day, every month, and over the four seasons the year.

The design

Designed by Brooklyn-based artist and budding horology genius, The Present – Day Moon Year clocks are made to let us know the time better. The trio of clocks turn our attention to potential cycles of the moon during the day and night – every month – and through the year, in order to help us rediscover the original nature of time in a more holistic way.

All three – Day, Moon, and Year are different in design and also in function as previously iterated. The clocks are seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The Present – Day

This is the most basic of the three and tells time pretty similar to how we know it. The clock on its gradient display shows time in 24 hours – there are no numbers but only a single hand which rotates around the clock face to represent the entire day through dawn, noon, dusk and midnight.

The Present – Moon

This clock reimagines the passing of time through the waxing and waning of the celestial body. The timepiece has a monochrome display on with the single hand completes one full rotation to depict a lunar cycle.

The Present – Year

This is the most dramatic of the three with a display exhibiting a gradient spectrum of colors. The display is colored in a manner to represent time as Earth’s seasonal cycle. The clock hand completes one full rotation in one Earth year, which is dramatic but artistic to have on a wall.