Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge edition gets one-off NFT ahead of launch

The sinister special edition of the current-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost is set to be revealed on October 28, just in time for Halloween. The Black Badge variant will be based on the Ghost, as seen from the teaser images, and that’s a dead giveaway.

The stylish and mean-looking set of wheels seen in the image is actually from the non-fungible token (NFT) animation created by Mason London (a.ka. Joe), a renowned artist and illustrator from London. Rolls-Royce association with the pop culture of NFT token isn’t surprising as the art piece is all set for reveal when the Black Badge car makes its first appearance.

Ghost Black Badge edition

As we all know, the Black Badge series by Rolls-Royce, since 2016 is highlighted by the overwhelming dark accents and extensive customization options. Not to forget the beefed-up power, better braking and suspension. Assuming this one will be the Ghost in all likelihood, we can expect an extra 30 HP to appeal to the young and restless achievers.

To attract the next-gen crowd with their special edition offering, the luxury automaker will lay down a perfectly engineered canvas for the successful men and women to project their own personalities. Since the Black Badge cars bring in the brand’s 27 percent commissions, this move makes complete sense. The earlier commissions being inspired by fashion designers including John Varvatos, Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens. 

Rolls-Royce non-fungible token

For those who are unaware, the NFT is a digital token associated with an asset – more like a painting or sculpture. So, owning the token tied to an object pays dividends, and that instantly shoots up the value. The Rolls-Royce NFT will be stored in an encrypted wallet at the company’s Goodwood, England headquarters, and more on this bit is expected in the coming week.

The marque hasn’t yet revealed the estimated value of this NFT, but it will definitely be highly priced. Also, Rolls-Royce has not let the secret out as to why the token has been created. Anyways, the new Ghost Black Badge will carry a price tag well in excess of $311,900 which is the price of the standard Ghost. Given that the brand’s customers spend tens of millions of dollars on customization, the NFT fetching mind-numbing price will not surprise all of us.