Sentinel Pokémon statues tickle young-at-heart fanatics

If you ever grew up in the 90s, you’ll remember spending all your time playing Pokémon, and let me take a wild guess, you still haven’t stopped, have you? Yes, Pokémon Go fanatics, we can spot you from a mile away.

To be honest, having followed the Pokémon craze throughout my children’s growth phase and more, I’m scared to admit the characters are a part of my twenties and thirties, and I just can’t seem to let go and for good reason.

What are Pokémon you ask, because you have been living under a rock … these animated creatures of all sizes and shapes, live in their world or alongside humans. For the most part, they don’t talk much, except to utter their names. With more than 700 creatures inhabiting the Pokémon universe, it is a little difficult to keep up.

Can We Keep Em?

They say toys are just for little kids but if we call them statues can adults keep them, PLEASE?

With the Pokémon industry on a booming ride, many different merchandise are being churned out, catering to every need of its fans.

Owing to my age it wouldn’t come off well if I had a million Pokémon plush toys. Coming to fanatics of Pokémon’s rescue, the well-known Japanese model company Sentinel, has given us the perfect toys … Oops I mean statues that keep us in touch with our inner childlike ways.

Time To Polygo Go

Unlike the abundance of plush toys and action figurines, these figurines are unique and are designed using multiple flat planes instead of just having one smooth and rounded look.

These models look chic and like they are almost made out of crystal

These Pokémon figurines are the newest in a series of modes called Polygo. Polygo are polygonal models that are intentionally designed to have edges. Designed with simplistic style and sleekness they appeal to mature fans.

With seven new models in the Polygo line, the line features a large-sized Eevee – 5 inches tall and a set of 6 others Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Gengar, Pikachu and Slowpoke in mini size that is 2.4 inches.

These figurines are just not pretty to look at and the head, tail and legs can be adjusted depending on the figurine. This means you can arrange them, however if you like, you can even set up a full-scale battle when no one’s looking.

These figurines are available online for $41, so it’s not too late to get yourself a little pre-Christmas treat or a little something to hang atop your tree.