The HYT H1.0 Watch – a combination of both art and science

There are very few watchmakers that can pull off radically distinct designs that marry science, high-technology, art and philosophy. I consider MB&F and HYT in this bracket, and especially after seeing the new HYT H1.0, I’m completely sold. HYT made news when they made a scientific breakthrough and invented a wristwatch that integrated a patented fluidic module. They haven’t stopped enthralling us, ever since.

The colored liquid in the capillaries look exciting and showcase aptly the flow of time. Born in 2012, the brand from Neuchâtel, Switzerland has mastered the art and science of showcasing a liquid hour hand and time can be read through the visual cues. Typically, the minutes can be read via the traditional minute hand, which is mounted on a 12-hour sub-dial at 12 o’clock, but in some watches this not the norm.

The H1.0 by HYT is the sensual amalgamation of mechanical horology and fluid technology, with both being beautifully integrated. The H1.0 features three-dimensional transparency and is quite delightful to look at from any viewing angle. My favorite part is the visible power reserve display and the steeply curved case.

From the side-view angle, you get to see the cut-out digits rooted in the deep grooves of the case’s exterior. Helping you to read the time more efficiently, the watch has Super-Luminova C7 under the glass capillary on the dial, as the main detail. The mechanical with manual winding movement (exclusive caliber) offers 65 hours of power reserve and features beveled and Côtes De Genève adorned bridges.

Talking about the case, this one is a Stainless Steel with Anthracite PVD Coating and satin finishing. It’s a mighty 48.8mm case, that looks wholesome on the wrist and is teamed with a screwed case-back with sapphire crystal. I have a thing for the domed sapphire crystal on top of the dial. It looks very neat and complements the entire look of the watch.  

Other functions include a seconds wheel, red power reserve hand and Anthracite minute counter with green markers and numerals. The dark grey rubber strap and titanium folding buckle look very sophisticated and match the over-all styling. To be fair, you will see many cues that align with the H0 models, but the H1.0 is more dynamic and a lot more refreshing. The price for the HYT H1.0 is $49,000 and interestingly, this is not a limited edition watch.