Top habits of well-groomed men

Many men seem to think that the self-grooming process is not a worthwhile endeavor; probably because they think it’s associated with a lack of manliness. You don’t need to go overboard, and there’s nothing wrong with some TLC every now and then. The following tips and tricks of well-groomed men which can easily be implemented in to a daily routine asap. When combined and done in unison you’ll end up looking more fresh, sharp, and youthful – and there isn’t anything wrong with that!

Apply an SPF everyday

One of the biggest factors in ageing skin is the sun. It’s really important to have a skincare routine that includes a moisturizer with SPF to protect the skin from damaging ultra-violet rays. This is especially important if you work outside or will have long bouts of sun exposure. Complimentary behavior to good skin is drinking a lot of water, not eating too much sugar, limiting your alcohol consumption.

When it comes to beard trimming – go for at least two heads

What’s great about facial hair is that you can be in full control of styling your own beard, mustache, what have you. It’s not like the hair on the top of your head where you need someone else to cut if for you. Most guys mow their face down with a single trimming guard and use a naked guard for the edges. But with a beard you have so many great styling options. Don’t be afraid to get creative with multiple guard lengths – add some weight and contrast between your mustache, sides, or goatee.

Razor cartridges should be replaced every 6 to 8 shaves

Not only does your blade dull with each shave, dead skin cells, hair clippings and bacteria builds up on it. Switching the blades out every few weeks is imperative for a close shave: the goal is to avoid dragging, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Also, be sure to keep your razor clean, upright, and dry when not in use.

The toothbrush has a life span of 3 months

With proper and daily use, the bristles on the head of the toothbrush are basically worthless after about 3 months. The easiest way to stay on top of this is through an oral subscription program that sends you replacement brushes or heads.

The blow dryer’s cold-air capability

Once you’ve got your hair styling down, you’ll want to give it a blast of cold air. Why? Because the cold air actually “sets” your style. Also, watch when drying your hair with the hot air as excessive high heat can damage your hair.

Smell good all summer long

When the summer sun fires up, perspiration and body odor can become your worst enemy. Even the best colognes will have trouble combatting the issue. In addition to applying fragrance on the pulse-points, spray a little cologne on your shirt collar, tips of long hair, the underside of your beard or whiskers. You want the scent to stick around a little longer than simply evaporating into thin air during the hot months.

Shampoo less for better hair days

This seem contrary to the goal of good hygiene habit, but it’s not. Washing your hair too much strips the follicles from natural oils that hydrate – and can leave your hair unruly and unmanageable. If you shampoo less and condition more, you’ll have better hair days. Try starting out washing your hair every-other-day, and then, gradually over time, try to increase it to every third or even fourth day.

Sleep routine

First off, getting adequate sleep will improve your complexion and overall health of your skin. Also, try an overnight skincare regimen for clearer, firmer, and more even-toned skin. Cells regenerate faster when sleeping. Cleanse before bed and put on a good night cream or a retinol based product.