2020 Porsche Macan GTS arrives with a twin-turbocharged V6

The 2020 Porsche Macan GTS is what we like to call the ‘Goldilocks’ of the range. Evidently, we were pining for something more powerful than the Macan S, but don’t want it to be as high-strung as the Macan Turbo.

And as it turns out, Porsche heard our prayers with the 2020 Macan GTS.

The 2020 Porsche Macan GTS is the sportiest Macan

Don’t get us wrong. The mighty Macan Turbo is one hell of an SUV, and there’s no denying that. But starting at around $84,000 the Macan Turbo is priced tantalizingly close to the luscious Cayenne S, so the Macan Turbo is a bit of a hard sell, really.

Porsche knows this fact, so it came up with the Macan GTS. And while it comes with the same twin-turbocharged V6 in the Macan turbo – albeit tuned to a less histrionic degree – the GTS model receives lowered air suspension and a host of new upgrades.

It has a powerful twin-turbo V6 motor

In the new Macan GTS, Porsche detuned the twin-turbo V6 from the Turbo model. It now produces 375-horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque, the latter of which arrives from 1,750 to 5,000 rpm.  The engine is mated to Porsche’s PDK dual-clutch gearbox.

On the other hand, the Macan Turbo is good for 434-horsepower while the Macan S has a single turbo variant of the V6 with 348 horsepower.

See? The Macan GTS slots nicely between the S and Turbo in terms of power output.

It’s fast, too

The new Porsche Macan GTS accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7-seconds, which is not a far cry to the Macan Turbo’s sprint in 4.3-seconds. However, when equipped with Porsche’s optional Sport Chrono Package, the Macan GTS achieves the feat in 4.5-seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 162 mph.

The GTS stands for Gran Turismo Sport

According to Porsche, the GTS or Gran Turismo Sport moniker is derived from the Macan’s outstanding driving dynamics. Part of this is achieved by the standard adaptive air suspension which can lower the vehicle by 10 millimeters.

Also standard are gorgeous 20-inch RS Spyder Design wheels and huge cast-iron brakes. Optional go-fast goodies include larger Porsche Surface Coated Brakes (PSCB) or ceramic brakes.

It looks the part

The 2020 Porsche Macan GTS is brandishing a couple of blacked-out accents. This gives the vehicle a sportier and more sinister vibe. You’ll find black-painted elements on the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle.

In fact, even the LED headlights and rear lights with an LED light bar are darkened as well. Combined with red brake calipers and the standard sports exhaust system, the GTS is the sportiest-looking Macan of the bunch.

The interior is home to a generous heaping of Alcantara on the door panels, seat center panels, and on the center console armrest. The steering wheel and exclusive sports seats are wrapped in premium leather. Meanwhile, wireless charging and a Bose audio system are also standard.

The 2020 Porsche Macan GTS is set to arrive in summer 2020 with base prices starting at $72,650.