3D printed off-grid prefab home Haus.me is now available in US

3D printing proposes nuances construction industry is taking full advantage of. Be it in erecting a house in quickest time or building an off-grid home that you can place anywhere under the sun – like the haus.me.

Designed by Ukrainian Max Gerbut and built in Reno, Nevada, this 3D printed smart house can run completely off the grid using solar power.

What started as a quest to build the most efficient and insulated home – the team at haus.me went back and forth with various iterations to finally beginning to deliver the 3D printed prefab home with complete off-grid capabilities in the US.

A fully autonomous tiny home

Starting at 400 square foot this is a fully self-sustainable mobile home you can move to any location you want. Featuring rooftop solar panels, the house does not rely on grid power supply for electricity. The integrated solar panels generate up to 7kWh power, which is good enough to power appliances on board the house.

Generally solar powered tiny homes don’t feature a battery – this one has its own backup to store generated solar energy ensuring that the house can remain powered for almost a week in most extreme conditions.

Being fully autonomous, the haus.me is not only solar-powered but also features a water filtration and recycling system which means there is no need to connect to an external water supply. The house also has its own bioactive sewage system.

Robust construction for a price

The tiny house uses patented composite polymer fiber, which is 3D printed to build walls. To complement the sturdy walls, window are made with 6 layer tempered glass, which together make the house safe enough to withstand an earthquake or hurricane.

Additionally, the house comes complete with smart appliances, furniture built-in and is outfitted with remote control smart system. Available in three models: 400 sq ft studio mOne; 800 sq ft two-bedroom mTwo; and 1,600 sq ft three-bedroom mFour, the haus.me is apt to cater to all kinds of individual, couple or family housing requirements. For pricing details visit haus.me.