Everyday carry essentials as life normalizes during coronavirus

Everyday carry essentials or EDC served a different purpose for each one of us until a couple of months back. The condition is not as it used to be, therefore, the essentials we carry hence would not be limited to pen, diary, laptop, phone, watch or a Swiss knife.

In the new (ab)normal, items we are going to carry alongside the abovementioned and other miscellaneous things in the case would include a face mask, sanitizer and more that is personal to you and ensures safety in the vulnerable outdoors. Here’s a roundup of five everyday carry essentials in the COVID-19 stricken world.

Zhijun Wang’s Ikea shopping bag face mask

Wearing a face mask as we step out of the door now would mean we care for others around us. While you can wear any ordinary face mask; for the trendier ones, Ikea shopping bag masks by Beijing-based designer Zhijun Wang is our strong suggestion. These masks are made from Ikea’s iconic FRAKTA shopping bags.

iTemp Smart Mug & Bowl

Dining out or sharing food and drinks with friends or colleagues at work is not as caring as it used to be. To be more caring actually, it is wiser to carry your own meal/beverage and have it too. The iTemp Smart Mug & Bowl, which heats beverages or eatables to your liking is a combo you can own. It’s available for pre-order and should begin shipping soon.

Lexon Oblio wireless phone charger and sanitizer

Along with the hand sanitizer, it is important to carry a phone sanitizer that will ensure your device is clean for use. According to WHO guidelines, it is imperative to clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces/thing. Talking of which, sanitizing the phone becomes really vital. The Lexon Oblio is a UV sanitizer that keeps all unwanted microbes at bay. It also doubles as a wireless charger for iPhones and Android phones.

Gingko’s Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

We all love music – some enjoy it through earphones others like to travel with a Bluetooth speaker. For the latter, Gingko has delivered a very compact speaker made from solid natural wood. The 3W tiny speaker with rechargeable 500 mAh battery provides up to six hours of playback time. To ensure, you don’t have to touch it repeatedly in the pocket, Mi Square comes with a leather strap to fasten it from a bag.