Adidas ZX 8000 Golf available this week

The Adidas ZX is one classic silhouette that is regularly being re-issued. It’s more like different versions are being made of the adidas zx style whenever a new collaboration is about to start. Adidas Originals has tried to make a new reiteration of the ZX 8000 again and we’re certain sneakerheads, and not just golfing enthusiasts, will  want to buy this pair. 

The Adidas Originals ZX 8000 Golf is almos ready. The images tell us it can be the perfect golfing shoes not only for the professionals but also the beginners. We won’t even ask how good you are at golf if we see you wearing a pair. 

Adidas ZX 8000 Golf Design

Adidas ZX 8000 Golf Where to Buy

The Adidas ZX 8000 Golf doesn’t have spikes but the special Torsion soles work and offer better traction. The pair is also catchy in the sense that it’s all white with some black accents and finished off with the orange and neon outsole. 

The material of the shoes is  glossy leather upper and appears like the golf ball dimples. On the laterial and medial, there are tee holders as part of the design. There is also a detachable magnetic golf ball marker.  

Adidas ZX 8000 Golf Almost Ready

Adidas ZX 8000 Golf Price

The pair shows a number of golf-related details. You’ll definitely think of it as a pair of golfing shoes. Not into golf? We’re certain you’ll still want the Adidas ZX 8000 Golf. You can probably try wearing this as your running shoes. 

The Adidas ZX 8000 Golf will be sold for $140. It will be available beginning tomorrow, April 2. Visit Adidas’ website to purchase and for more information.