Justin Bieber to perform live in the metaverse and fans can interact

Los Angeles-based Wave – a virtual entertainment platform – has given many DJs a virtual entry into the hearts of the audience. Now chart-topper Justin Bieber is set to take advantage of a virtual concert in Wave and perform live in the metaverse.

As musicians and artists devoid of concerts and live shows due to the pandemic struggle to entertain their fans in the manner they know best, metaverse presents a new way to make their own avatars perform virtually for the real audiences to appreciate. This is the new trend Bieber wants to tap on with a live concert on Wave later this month.

In the metaverse

In the live virtual event on Wave, Justin Bieber will perform songs from Justice, his new album. During this concert, fans will be able to interact with the Grammy-winning singer’s virtual avatar, which he will be controlling himself using a motion-capture suit.

Appreciating the virtual entertainment platform that he also invests in, Bieber said, he is a “big believer in Wave” and that he loves the “platform as a new way” to interact with his fans. The singer informed that he is excited to use the technology to “connect with fans” globally.

The interactive performance

While metaverse is the new catchphrase, a similar sort of experience in the virtual world has been made possible on Epic Game’s Fortnite previously. Virtual concert popularity in Fortnite is now reaching Wave, wherein Bieber will perform live in his own virtual space.

When Bieber performs in his virtual universe, fans will be able to interact with his avatar in various ways since the concert will be live. If you’re interested in interacting with the singer during his virtual concert, you can stream it live on November 18 on Wave’s website and YouTube.