Airbnb’s “Around the World in 80 Days” trip is just over $5,000

Just last week Airbnb announced the launch of their new travel site, Adventures. To make things even more interesting, Airbnb has teemed up with the charity “The Malala Fund” (which raises money for young girls in need of a safe education) and created an around the world trip that seems like a steal – the entire journey will cost you just over $5,000 USD.

Hearing the words “around the world trip” seems like a daunting logistical task of organization to plan out all on your own. So, if you’re dream is a travel stint around the globe, but you’re limited in budget and time, this is probably a good opportunity to jump upon.

Airbnb has based the trip on the title of the Jules Verne novel, “Around the World in 80 Days”. Airbnb’s trip around the world is an itinerary of 80 days. Therefore, you’ll be able to pretend as if your Phileas Fogg, the English gentleman in the novel who agrees to a wager of 40,000 pounds that he can indeed travel around the world in that amount of time – only you don’t have to make any wager, just an easy payment of $5000.

What will you get to see on this heady grand tour of the globe? You’ll head off into the sunset through 18 different countries and across a total of six continents. The only place you won’t set foot on is Antarctica. But, hypothetically speaking, say you’ve got $10,000 savings in the bank. You should have more than enough left over to add an additional trip on to the southern pole … and then, there, you’ll have gone and done it all. C’mon, how many people can say they’ve traveled around the world, literally.

It appears to be a pretty good deal since the $5,000 USD includes flights, accommodation, and some of the food – I repeat, some of the food, not all. I would next presume that within a few years’ time, many will have taken this trip and can stake the claim of world trip travel. But that’s not the way it’s going to work. Why? Because of the fact only six spots are open on the trip.

Staying true to the story line of Jules Verne’s novel, the trip will begin and end in London, England. During the 12-week journey, you’ll voyage along the Silk Road and into places like Romania and Uzbekistan before moving on to the Middle East and Africa. After which, you’ll  hang a sharp right and north, up to Bhutan and Nepal, followed by Thailand and China. Afterwards you’ll dive deep into the southern hemisphere to hit Aussie land. Weeks eight and nine will be spent in New Zealand, Japan, and the USA. The trip goes on to Ecuador and Chile, and is capped off with a visit to Iceland. Then, it’s back to London for a photo finish.

The first trip will depart on September 1, 2019 – which is right around the corner. If you want to try your luck at getting onboard, you have two occasions at which to apply. The first application date is June 26, and the second is July 1. This can be done at the following link, here. Good luck!