AirPop Active+ smart air wearable monitors respiratory health

The COVID-19 pandemic is still active worldwide, meaning most people are required to wear masks. A company called AirPop has unveiled a new mask that it calls the world’s first smart Air Wearable. The mask is called the Active+ Smart Mask with a Halo sensor. The mask’s design is meant to allow the wearer to get a better understanding of respiratory health using the Halo sensor.

AirPop says the Halo sensor can bridge the gap between outside air and internal respiration. It captures breathing-related data and correlates that information with real-time data about air quality and location. The sensor can also tell users when they should replace the filter of the mask and helps users unlock biometric data useful during sports and everyday activities.

The Halo sensor works along with the AirPop app using data collected by the sensor to give an overview of respiratory behavior, breathing cycles, and pollutants the mask blocked during use. The Halo sensor has an Active Mode tracking metrics like breaths per minute, breaths for pace, and more, all viewable from the app’s Activity tab.

The filters for the mask block >99 percent PM0.3, including dust, allergens, particulate matter, and microbial particles. The mask ships with four AirPop filters, each with their QR code scanned by the app when they are installed. Scanning the QR code registers with the app that a new filter is installed.

AirPop Halo with an AirPop Active+ Smart Masking for filters will launch in the US and Canada in January 2021. It will be available from in January and available at “select national retailers” in early 2021. Pricing is set at $149.99 for the mask and four filters. It’s unclear how much replacement filters will cost at this time or how long the filters last.