adidas 3D CMPT 3D printed sports sunglasses are super lightweight

The Olympics are underway in Tokyo, and it’s befitting to have accessories targeted at sportspersons doing rounds. Case in point, a pair of sports sunglasses from adidas in partnership with Marcolin Group, which are made using 3D printing.

Intended for use almost in all sports from cycling to golf and from running to tennis, the limited edition pair dubbed 3D CMPT sunglasses feature lenses and frame that are “destined to leave a mark on the evolution of eyewear,” courtesy the use of modern technology; adidas says.

3D CMPT sunglasses

The 3D CMPT sunglasses is single piece eyewear made from flexible nylon structure offering maximum ventilation. The sunglasses weigh only 20g and its frame is treated with a special rubberized coating for shock-absorption. 

Complementing the frame of the unique eyewear, which doesn’t fold by virtue of its design and the undisclosed manufacturing process, features spherical UV-protective lens in brown base with silver mirrored coating. The lenses are made from lightweight polycarbonate material.

The availability and more

The 3D CMPT sunglasses are a new update in both aesthetics and functionality and to make them friends with the intriguing sportspersons, these are included with non-slip nose pad and end tips. This ensures the glasses remain firm and comfortable through extended usage.

As for their exclusivity in design and material, the 3D CMPT sunglasses will be available in a limited number. Only 150 pairs will be retailed exclusively to members of the adidas Creator Club starting August 23. Each pair will cost $415.