Alpha Motor Corporation Ace Coupe is an EV aimed at urbanites

A company called Alpha Motor Corporation is looking to jump into the electric vehicle market and has revealed the design for an upcoming EV that is very attractive. The vehicle is called the Ace Coupe, and it’s a compact electric vehicle designed specifically for the urban environment. The platform supports multiple body types, including the newly revealed coupe, sedan, and utility crossover.

Alpha says the new Ace platform is an extension of the previously announced ICON Electric Utility Vehicle platform. The battery pack for the Ace is under the floor, and the vehicle promises storage space under the bonnet and rear hatch. Dimensions are approximately 165-inches long, 74-inches wide, and 57-inches high.

The vehicle is a two-door and has comfortable front seats for driver and passenger. The “compact rear seats” are for occasional storage. You might be able to cram a couple of kids back there, but the backseats don’t look like adults would fit. The interior is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use with a minimalist design.

There are no visible controls, and the vehicle has a central display that integrates user interface controls. Those controls can be synchronized or replaced with the user’s own electronic device. Alpha is offering no details on the electric drivetrain for the vehicle.

We don’t know how far the vehicle will go per charge, how large the battery pack is, or what sort of performance the vehicle offers. Alpha says more details and other variants of the Ace will be revealed in the coming months. Alpha is taking reservations for the Ace now, but there is no mention of how much a reservation costs or what the vehicle will sell for. When the car will launch is also a mystery.