Audi RS 3 LMS is its latest customer racing car

Audi is one of the many automakers who build luxury and performance cars for the streets around the world. Audi also builds racing cars designed to win championships on racetracks across the globe. Audi has officially debuted its latest customer racing car called the Audi RS 3 LMS. 

The racing car is an entry-level model from Audi Sport customer racing. The automaker says the car signifies its commitment to customer racing and stands for records in its program. This is the second generation of the car, of which 180 units have been produced in the past. Audi says in just four years of availability, the entry-level touring car has won 764 podium places out of 1051 races across the globe.

It’s also scored 279 victories and 16 titles and drivers’ championships, along with 38 championship successes in other categories. Audi says the latest model is focused on customers no matter what they want to achieve, be that running times, set up options, safety, or economics. The RS 3 LMS is described as “even more of a racecar than before.”

Audi developed the new car with two main goals in mind. The goals include making a production-based entry-level model into a better racecar and optimize customer benefits in all areas. Audi says despite the improvements, the car remains affordable to purchase and maintain.

It also has a higher level of safety than the past model and is more pleasurable to drive, offering up to 340 horsepower. Typically horsepower varies depending on the series the cars are participating in. Manufacturers tend to be mysterious and protect their racing secrets. There are no hard details offered on the RS 3 LMS performance capabilities.