Beauer 3X caravan can expand thrice its size at push of a button

When it comes to caravans, we have seen, read and heard about our share of options. But innovation is a surprising thing; a French company Beauer has proven it yet again with the launch of a simple yet effective take on a travel trailer.

The company has devised a very practical solution for the road, which transforms into a functional home at the camp ground, all at just a push of a button. So outdoorsy friends, what do you think of a caravan you can tag behind your truck and in under a minute have it transformed into a full-fledged home for four?

Beauer 3X model

Many tiny house, motorhome companies have tried to inculcate some sort of transforming ability into their designs. These have largely been with the use of awnings, shape-altering furniture, roofs that lifts up to create extra headspace and in some cases with fold out kitchens.

Beauer thinks all that is old-school and is therefore building really compact caravan that can expand to thrice its original size. Beauer 3X model employs company’s patented telescopic principle to expand. This concept allows two modules to extend horizontally to create a caravan 3X its original size.

The facilities onboard

The expansion process starts by pressing the button on the back of the caravan that activates the electric cylinders and in 60 seconds the caravan triples in size with all the folded furniture unfolding into functional position.

When opened up, the 3X caravan measure a total of 12 meter square and can comfortably accommodate up to four people. The unit is fully equipped with amenities and plenty of storage for a comfortable stay.

The living area is well-lit with seating for five people, while the bedroom is furnished with a double bed. The kitchen is equipped with fridge, gas hob and sink with water supply, there is provision for a microwave and plenty of cabinetry. The bathroom onboard has a WC fitted and has a provision to include a shower if you want.

The Beauer 3X expandable caravan is available with customization options through the company website starting at €29,900 (approx. $35,500).

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