Best luxury travel destinations in 2019

Weather you want island, jungle, safari, or pure adventure, here are some of the best and most unique luxury escapes of the year

We’ve handpicked a few of the best luxury resorts around the world in 2019 – ones that you’ll definitely want to put on your shortlist and get to soon to enjoy the good life. A luxury hotel can transform your journey from just a stay somewhere to an extraordinary vacation.

It’s an indescribable feeling to have a room at a remarkable hotel. The ones below have been chosen for setting, design, service, and eco-conscientiousness – from island to African savanna to jungle and at sea.

Island – Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

This resort opened last December and is set on a remote shoal in the Maldives. What we love about this resort is the small size and the eco-friendly and sustainable design: the construction uses natural wood and materials used, giving it an ultimate warm and friendly ambiance. The modern-minimalism and open layout makes it light and breezy – the perfect place to forget about all the cares in the world as you stare out over the vast Indian Ocean. Also noteworthy is that it is adults-only and all-inclusive.

15 residences with private pools on the terrace above the ocean are reminiscent of a Japanese ryokan. Each space comes with a round-the-clock butler. Center yourself again in the resort’s spa and solar-powered Himalayan salt room and indulge your palette in the cheese room and wine cellar. Prices start at $3,800-$8,786

Safari – AndBeyond Tengile River Lodge

Going on safari without sacrificing an iota of comfort is the ultimate gift to yourself. Imagine hovering above the African plains in the most ideal setting to observe the continent’s big game, like lions and leopards. AndBeyond Tengile River Lodge combines best comfort and location. The solar-powered lodge sits on 26,000 acres just outside of South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Even if you don’t need so many amenities in the bush, why on earth would you turn them down. The tranquil lodge consists of nine huge suites with local furniture, private pools and spa treatments, Healing Earth skincare, and a five-star plant-based menu with wine pairings. Enjoying an evening under the stars here seems like a perfect sub-Saharan getaway. Pricing starts at $1,430

Jungle – Shinta Mani Wild

This incredible resort is hidden in Cambodia’s Southern Cardamom National Park and built by renowned architect, Bill Bensley. Let’s start off by saying that Bill considers the Shinta Mani Wild to be the culmination of his life’s work – which should tell you something. The area where the building sits had been marked for destruction, but later saved through preservation efforts. It boasts fifteen private tents that are set along waterfalls, rapids, and river and in the canopy of the trees – giving you a bird’s eye view of the dream-like surroundings.

The Shinta Mani Wild features things like elevated terraces with daybeds, hand-made textiles, and metal bathing tubs. The resort is blended seamlessly into the jungle in the most natural way: the footprint is minimal so as not to disturb the ecosystem. One last quick cool fact is that there is no road to the resort, meaning you have to arrive by zip line. Prices start at $2,345-$2,815

Adventure – Guntû

Here’s an interesting one that may not have initially crossed your mind. What about an incredible adventure on Japan’s new floating hotel in a placid place – the Seto Inland Sea. More of a boat than a hotel, Guntû has enough room for 38 lucky-passengers and slowly takes you out to within 100 miles of the coast. While it’s not really a ship or yacht, simply put, it’s a unique adventure.

Guntû has a 266-foot deck on three-decks and is an elegant and contemporary hotel. This unique hotel-boat has 19 rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows in which you can don a white kimono and watch the waves pass by. Ofuro tubs are present on the terraces and the small but extremely catering staff are all but invisible. Do we even need to mention the sushi master and shiatsu massage therapist onboard? Enjoy sampling Japan’s finest Saki on this luxurious floating oasis. Prices start at $3,575-$8,935