Borealis Basecamp lets you enjoy the northern lights from transparent igloos

Do you know the splendid aurora borealis spreads magic for around 250 nights a year across the sky in and around the city of Fairbanks? If you ever wanted to experience this natural phenomenon, there’s no better place than the Borealis Basecamp.

Just less than an hour from the main city of Fairbanks (near Elliott Highway), Borealis Basecamp comprises 15 clear fiberglass igloos that look like dome-shaped research stations. Exciting this is that guests can enjoy the beauty of swirling red, green, and purple northern lights through transparent domes – without the interference of light pollution.

Transparent-roofed igloos

Located on a tranquil ridgeline on Fairbanks, the Borealis Basecamp has 15 custom-designed igloos to maximize your Northern Lights’ viewing experience. While most properties in this region face south to enjoy the sun, these fiberglass roofed igloos are looking in the northeast direction to witness a striking sky full of dazzling stars.

The concave-shaped windows are very clear – without any reflection. This way the guests can witness the night sky without any visual hindrance, enjoying an amazing experience of nature’s show through the curved-dome window, which expands 16-feet across the entire ceiling.

Beyond Aurora

Besides aurora, the helpful and friendly staff at the basecamp ensures you have an unforgettable stay. To ensure you don’t sleep and miss the northern lights show, each igloo is integrated with an aurora wake-up alarm. Furthermore, the staff points you in the right direction to witness the miracle with your eyes.

A two-night stay is enough for guests to catch the perfect glimpse of the aurora, as well as enjoy various camp activities. Some popular activities include fat-tire biking, snowshoeing, dogsledding, ATV riding, and excursion beyond the Arctic Circle. If you’re not the adventurer, you can simply relax in the yurt, a common area to overlook the White Mountains and Wickersham Dome while sipping a hot cup of coffee or playing board games.