BMW documents tip two larger motorcycles to compete with Harley-Davidson

BMW has been making motorcycles for a long time and has some long-distance cruisers in its lineup. It has a rather large cruiser called the R18, and it appears that two even larger models are coming. Reports indicate that BMW is gearing up to produce the R18 B and the R18 Transcontinental.

Details about the bikes come from new-type approval documents filed by BMW in Europe and the US. The image shows a motorcycle that looks very much like something Harley-Davidson would produce. An even larger version called the Transcontinental is coming as well.

The R18 B would be 2560 millimeters long, making it 85 millimeters longer than the Honda Gold Wing. The Transcontinental would be even longer at 2640 millimeters, thanks to a top case on the back. Documents show the bike would be 930 millimeters wide at its narrowest and 970 millimeters wide at its largest, with the difference likely being available handlebar options.

To compare, the already large Honda Gold Wing is 925 millimeters wide. The big bikes are heavy, with the R18 B tipping the scales at about 400 kilograms in the Transcontinental at about 430 kilograms, both full of fuel.

Some options have also been tipped in documents, with buyers choosing 19 or 21-inch front wheels and 18 or 16-inch rear wheels. BMW is expected to offer wire spoke or cast alloy wheel options. Power and torque would be unchanged from existing R18 models meaning 89 horsepower and 116.5 pound-foot of torque. Both bikes also feature a digital dash along with an integrated sound system. A radar sensor is also noted above the front headlight. The new bikes will also offer cruise control and an exposed driveshaft rather than a chain.